Friday, February 27, 2009

Fabric Swatches Added!

Wow, it has been a busy week! It is so nice to be feeling better. The clothing I make can be customized according to the materials I have. I don't have a problem with that and I don't even charge a lot extra for it, although depending on the materials used, the prices may vary some. I have added the fabrics I have to photobucket and if you go up to the groovin granny part you can find some of the other things I have in the store and the dolls and clothes I make. Photobucket has become my image site, and I keep a backup of course.

Today, provided I don't take a trip to Walmart, I plan to take photos of the laces and other notions I have and put them on photobucket. Some of them I will be selling. Everything except the material is for sale outright. The material, I keep for creative purposes. I have to buy to often not too.

Now that I am feeling better, Let's Get this Show on the Road!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three Piece Teal with Delicate Flower Design

This lovely 3 piece Dress has a delicate flower
design that pictures just can't do justice. It has ruffled edging around
the sleeves, neck, hem line and throughout the skirt. The back closure

is velcro for easy fastening. This outfit includes the underdress of silk,
overdress of organza and lace and matching bloomers.

Barbie Dresses

As if she reaching out to her love, Barbie is ready for a wedding!

Since I had the very first Barbie I have absolutely loved her. I gave up dolls for boys and babies for a little while, but over the years I have always had a love for sewing for Barbie. Here are some of my dresses. I will add a lot more as time goes by.

Embellished with lots of lace and pearls, this dress took many hours to make. I tried to pay particuar attention to detail. I love weddings!

Take note of the pearls used on the edge of the train, they are slightly irridescent.

The back of the train has a pearl and squiened applique.

Side view of the dress with the train showing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dolls, Fabulous Dolls!

When I first opened my store, I sold a really beautiful doll for just a few dollars. Later I found out she was worth a LOT! of money, she was from the late 1800's, a beautiful Bleuette with dark hair and lovely pale skin. Since then, I have become obsessed with an old love! Dolls! When I was a young and learning to design, I used to cut the sleeves off my dad's shirts and make clothes for my Barbie Dolls. Oh, how I got in trouble for that. Here you will find the dolls and clothes that I work with.