Friday, March 4, 2011

Who & What We Are

I know it has been a while since much has been going on with Fashion Passion, behind the scenes though it has been very busy. I'm not sure if everybody knows a lot about this endeavor, so maybe I should clue you in there first. Fashion Passion is just that, it is one of my passions. I love to design and sew and I do a wide variety of different crafts, from pottery to macrame' and way beyond. I design jewelry, make my own beads and have started working on my own dolls. I put dolls away for many years and picked them up again a few years ago after I made a huge mistake and sold a French papier mache doll for $3 that was worth thousands. Needless to say, I found dolls again. I've divided the business into categories to make it easier for you and I to keep up with. Celtic Lore Designs is the jewelry aspect of the business, Fashion Passion is the clothing design, anything that has to do with fashion. The Groovin' Granny is for candles, incense and all that sort of thing.

The name of the shop is The Groovin' Granny Barnwood Boutique and we are in a small town in the Ozarks presently, although we are thinking we could use a little more room and would really like to be closer to the rivers, which run clear water and are so relaxing and conducive to my artistic nature.

Now, for Moodle! Moodle is an interactive blog/teaching idea where your idea's are most welcome and encouraged. I found it in the one clicks provided by my Web Server, where they have all sorts of interesting things. The site is partially (at least) being moved to the This is where we will do the lessons, so that we can easily discuss them, and hence, learn more ways of doing things.